Nulo Nutrition for Dogs & Cats


It’s what Mother Nature intended

Science has proven that our dogs and cats thrive on a high meat, low carbohydrate diet – not with empty fillers like potatoes, tapioca, corn, wheat or soy. So Nulo chose to formulate our diets closer to what dogs & cats might naturally choose for themselves. Mother Nature’s plan simply makes good sense.

Our grain-free formulas help combat dietary allergies and contain more animal-based protein and fats with fewer carbohydrates than their grain-based counterparts. This makes Nulo more easily digested and one of the highest protein / lowest carbohydrate pet foods on the market.

Our formulas contain NO potatoes, tapioca, corn, wheat, soy or glutens.

High Animal-Based Protein
The essential building blocks that help your dogs and cats thrive.

chart9Our dogs and cats are carnivores. They require rich protein and amino acids that they can only get from real meat – something that vegetable protein sources alone won’t provide.

Nulo formulas provide an industry-leading, animal-based protein level that nourishes growth, repairs muscle and tissue, and enhances the flavor of every recipe. In fact, Nulo’s animal protein as a ‘Percentage of Total Protein’ is one of the largest in the industry – up to 85% in some formulas.

What does that mean? Of the 33% protein level in our turkey formula, 85% of that comes from real meat. To reach that high percentage we use a blend of fresh marine & terrestrial proteins to deliver the optimal amino acid profile for your dog or cat.


Low Carbohydrate & Low Glycemic Ingredients
Improved energy levels and healthier ingredients

Two things that our four-legged friends can do without are carbohydrates and high glycemic ingredients.

Carbohydrates that aren’t burned off simply turn to fat. And high glycemic ingredients (like rice, white potatoes, or tapioca) can cause increased energy spikes, elevated insulin levels and early diabetes in our dog or cats.

An added benefit of Nulo’s grain-free, high animal-based formulas is that it makes our products one of the lowest carbohydrate diets on the market. Compare Nulo to any leading pet food formula and you’ll find that we have more of what your dog or cat needs … and less of what they don’t.

Nulo also only uses low glycemic ingredients in every recipe – like chickpeas, peas and sweet potato. These healthy carbohydrate alternatives provide long-lasting energy throughout the day and stabilize blood sugar to reduce risk of obesity and other health issues. It makes Nulo a great choice for both the active and not-so-active dog or cat.

Patented BC30 Probiotics
Better digestion means better nutrition

Great nutrition isn’t worth much if it isn’t digested thoroughly, which is why most quality pet food comes with probiotics – live beneficial bacteria that are healthy for your dog or cat’s digestive system.

Nulo’s patented probiotic, BC30, supports your pet’s immune system, provides improved nutrient absorption, reduces gas and improves stool quality, and prevents growth of yeast organisms that may cause skin problems and ear infections.

Both Nulo FreeStyle and MedalSeries formulas contain our unique patented BC30 probiotic, which is the first probiotic that survives the extrusion and cooking process (AFB International Research & Development Study), insuring that every bag has a healthy dose of what your dog or cat needs.

Made in the U.S.A.
Independently owned with superior sourcing & ingredients

Nulo Pet Food is based in Austin, TX and remains one of the few independently owned pet food companies in North America. Our products are handcrafted in the heartland of Kansas and Nebraska and come from the highest quality, natural ingredients.

We have worked extensively to develop a network of sustainable family ranchers and farmers with an emphasis on free-range beef, free-roam chicken & turkey, and wild-caught fish from sustainable aquatic environments that conform to the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Program.

Our foods are produced in FDA-approved facilities and our dry food kitchen receives an annual inspection by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) and has consistently received “Superior” ratings.